March 16

Aims of the Order

The Order sets out:

    • To increase religious faith and practice among its members;
    • To promote, in today’s world, the values of justice, brotherhood, understanding and respect in a tangible way by means of the promotion and support of religious, cultural, charitable and social works and institutions which are the main concern of the Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarchal Church of Antioch, and all the East, of Alexandria and of Jerusalem, in conformity with the teachings of the Holy Church and of the directives of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council;
    • To offer special moral, intellectual and economic assistance to our Eastern Christian Brethren.
    • To assure the Christian presence in Palestine and to maintain open catholic churches;
  • To help and participate financially to the formation and education of future priests of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church;

The assets of the Order consist of donations, offerings and contributions collected by central and peripheral offices and of real estate purchased or bequeathed, and is administered by the Administrative Council.